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Today marks the conclusion to the August giveaway. The winner has been decided, and the game code will be sent out shortly. But instead of talking about this week's giveaway, I'd like to talk about the future of GoingSony Giveaways. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

This Thought will be on the shorter side because I would really just like to take this opportunity to see if there is any interest in expanding what I actually giveaway monthly.

Ever since the start of GoingSony Giveaways, I have been exclusively giving away digital games, with the occasional PS Store card thrown in. If there is enough interest, I would like to try giving away physical stuff as well. Giving away something physically would also solve the regional problem, as I would be able to ship it just about anywhere. 

The problem comes from what I could actually use. Sony doesn't have anything as universally popular as Amiibo, so it is difficult to think of something that most people would like. So that is why I have come to you! Any kind of suggestion would be greatly appreciated, it doesn't even have to be a physical prize. The overall goal is to be able to give away things that are more popular, so please keep this in mind as you write up your suggestions. Thanks everybody for participating this week, and I look forward to hearing what you all have to say about the future of GoingSony Giveaways!


Lgnd, it's pretty amazing how generous you are with these giveaways... and while I agree that it's not totally fair to the non-N.A. population, I'm further astounded that you would go as far as shipping a physical prize worldwide... and to do so EVERY MONTH!

That said, I could only see the expenses increasing for you, which seems a bit less-than-ideal. So my idea is this - what if you were to reach out to a slew of developers and publishers, to see if any of them would like to "sponsor" a GS month's prizes? I mean, we've seen it before, with SuperGiant and (IIRC) Q Games, who actually came to you with their prize codes, right? But instead of a game code, suggest some fun, "sendable-sized" swag, like buttons or stickers, or whatever the myriad things they give away at any convention, etc. I'm SURE some of these guys would oblige... I mean, they give these trinkets and such away by the bucketload at an event like E3.

I dunno... just a thought... but worth a shot, no?

Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot to me. Reaching out to developers/publishers for physical goodies is a really good idea. For the year that I have been holding these monthly game giveaways, I have only reached out to two developers, with both times being successful. I really need to reach out more, but with the way GoingSony Giveaways work, it can be a little difficult to plan out. Hopefully I can figure out a more organized method of speaking with developers, but either way, sponsored giveaways should be a more common thing in the future.

Hmm... A controller maybe? I'm sure everyone could use an extra controller

Sun Aug 30 15 04:07pm
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It really depends if it makes sense, can actually increase participation, and doesn't cost more than you are bringing in from the site.

As for suggestions within the price range you have been in what about T-Shirts and other clothing items?

T-shirts are a great idea, and one I had not thought of. Thanks for the suggestion!

I'd say pretty much the same thing as Fatty did. It's already generous enough. I'd just be concerned with the costs of shipping physical goods everywhere. I mean, if it's as cost-effective as digital games, then I'd say go for it! But remember lgnd, good ol' fashioned games are always good also.

If you are simply looking for an increase in participation, sometimes simple things like posting your own personal reviews, let's plays and even things like podcasts can go a long way. Coaxing people with rewards may not grab everyone's attention. GoNintendo does it and podcasts are pretty successful. Basically some content that is personal to goingsony. Something you can stamp the name on and claim as yours. I mean, it shouldn't be too timeconsuming to come up with things like that. I managed to get 30 active watchers on my latest hour-long play session of I Am Bread and I have zero followers lol.

Thank you for the suggestions. I actually have been thinking about the future of GoingSony for some time now, and what I would like to see the site evolve into. I have a lot of ideas, but I also have a lot of prep work to do. I wonder if a Lgndary Thought detailing some of my plans is something people would be interesting in seeing?

Yes sireejimbobbythethird

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