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That's funny, Lgnd... it almost sounds like your tolerance for and approach towards scary games is much like mine for first-person games (as a result of my motion sickness).

Anyways, I'm a pretty huge fan of scary/horror games, and often adjust my surroundings to heighten the effect. I obviously haven't played all, or even close to most of the main horror titles out there, but the one standout title for me is Dead Space. Easily one of my favorite games EVER, horror game or not!

I loved every single stressful second of this game, and take a good bit of pride in the fact that I basically played the entire game between the hours of 9pm and 5am, alone in my house (at the time), in a dark basement room with a massive projection screen and the surround sound cranked up. I couldn't have asked for a better arrangement!

The game itself was really, really well done, and if you ever manage to play it AND enjoy it, the sequel comes strongly recommended as well! Smile