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I was a member of AOL back in the mid-90s; back when you paid fifteen bucks per month for like 5 hours of dial-up service. Anyway, their usernames were alphanumeric, and a maximum of 10 digits. I had a number of friends and contacts on the service, but at one point, I wanted some anonymity, especially to screw with them a bit (keep in mind I was like 16-17 years old then). I thought a silly name would be best, but since I couldn't fit all the letters of "court jester" into their limited space, I had to shorten it somehow. First went the U, then the space, and since I was misspelling things, I changed the S to a Z.

After I had my fun on AOL, I sort of left the name dormant for most of a decade until I started making a name for myself online and needed a handle. That seemed the likely candidate. That's it; the rest is hiztory!