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Fri Jun 08 18 02:47pm
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Everything on your list I’m definitely excited for as well!

In regards to Anthem, I really want the exploration and lore/story to be top notch. With what they’ve shown off so far, the world looks to be pretty large so I’m hoping it’s also really dense with a lot to explore and discover.
Now on the lore side of things, I loved the universe BioWare created in the Mass Effect games as well as what they did with Knights of the Old Republic. And even though they are more than capable of building great universes, I’m just hoping they deliver in a big way.

I also really want to see the next game that From Software is working on. We got a teaser at The Game Awards and that was it. We haven’t heard anything since. Originally when it was announced, I was thinking that it was Bloodborne 2, but now I’m under the impression that it’s a completely new series in general. It’s going to be very interesting to see what the theme and setting of this game will be if it is indeed not a sequel to Bloodborne. Funnily enough, I have yet to play through any games by From Software or even from the “Souls” genre. I do intend to play Dark Souls Remastered when it eventually launches on Switch. So I’m hoping that it will at least help me get my foot in the door with these games because they all look great.

Honorable mentions of other things that I’m really excited to see: Gameplay from Ghost of Tsushima and hopefully Death Stranding. As well as, the release date for Kingdom Hearts III.