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Hey, how’d it go? Did you have any luck? I really hope you did! I heard from some of my friends their were 1,000 person que’s and lots of load/lag issues. And the new plots were gone in 5 minutes tops. I didn’t try, was as you put it “terrified” to even try. It’s most certainly not a fair or well designed system for in-game housing; it’s really something they should make improvements too.

I am happy to say, it cost me 30 million Gil (ouch,) but I just put the Shirogane Castle house glamour (i think that’s what it’s called) on my exsisting house in the Mist. I think it turned out nicely. My decorations were Asian-themed before I even learned about the glamour around two-hours ago, so it was a nice fit.

I very much hope you got a new place and are very happy with it!