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So... one thought that I've had for a while now, that relates pretty directly to my (in)activity on the "forum" side of things...

The blog-style is nice, especially for forum topics that have a fairly significant "main" post, and a discussion to follow... a layout perfect for news-aggregate sites and the like, or even the few posts like we've seen so far.

But what about other common forum topics, that often have little to no content within the initial post (especially compared to its reply posts), where the "main content" is really in the replies? What I've had in mind were share-threads like "Post your recent purchases" or "Post your gaming set-up"... but I feel threads like these wouldn't quite work well with the blog layout, especially if there are extensive replies. (The specific issues that come to mind are: always landing on the initial post, replies are potentially not chronologically ordered, inability(?) to jump directly to the first unread post, etc.) How does it work, if there's say, 50-100+ replies? Will there be pages of comments one could click directly to?