New Character Art For Secret of Mana

You can find full versions of each piece after the break!

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Sony announces Platinum trophy contest in Australia

Sony Australia is holding a contest where fans will have the chance to win real life platinum trophy! 4 trophies will be given out in total, with each one being tied to a specific game. Contestants have to platinum one of the following titles for a chance to win: Call of Duty: WWII, FIFA 18, Gran Turismo Sport, and a title that has yet to be announced. 

For more information, including the rules, can be found at the source link.

Fortnite Battle Royale - Patch notes for 1.6.3

Patch goes live tomorrow, here is what it does!


  • New Duos and Squad match types have been added, alongside Solos.  Play in groups of 2 or up to 4 and fight to eliminate all the other teams!
  • Invite friends to play on your team using the in-game Friends List.
  • Use the “Fill” option to automatically fill your team with other players.
  • When your health falls to zero you’ll be “down but not out” (DBNO).  Your squadmates only have a short amount of time to revive you before your health bar drains.
  • You can see your team members’ status on the HUD, including Health and Shields.
  • Use the map to place location markers which are visible to your team and will display on the compass at the top of the HUD.  Keep an eye out for markers from your squad!
  • Cooperate with team members to build awesome defensive structures!
  • Friendly-fire is enabled, so be careful where you aim!  Intentionally attacking squadmates violates the code of conduct.

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Secret of Mana Remake Voice Cast Revealed

The Japanese voice cast for the Secret of Mana remake has been revealed! You can find the list right here:

  • Randi - Kenshou Ono
  • Prim - Nozomi Yamamoto
  • PoPoi - Emiri Kat
  • Jema - Eizou Tsuda
  • Lusa Luka - Rie Kugiyama
  • Dyluck - Takuya Satou
  • Vandole - Kenichi Ono
  • Thanatos - Jouji Nakata
  • Sheex - Hiromichi Tezuka
  • Geshtar - Yuuki Ishikari
  • Fanha - Mie Sonozaki

Gundam Versus - Gundam AGE-1 DLC Trailer

Launching tomorrow in Japan

Monolith talks about loot boxes in Shadow of War

Shadow of War developer Monolith sat down with Eurogamer today to talk about their game's controversial micro transactions. I have posted a portion of the interview below, with the full conversation being placed at the source link.

Because some people think you guys have ulterior motives - that you're waiting for a tough bit to pop up an onscreen prompt saying 'hey... have you seen what we're selling...'

Bob Roberts: No - absolutely not. 100 per cent not. It is important to clarify this as there were a couple of misconceptions. First, the concern about balancing - hopefully when it is out there and people are able to talk about their experiences then the balancing question will be answered, hopefully by people you trust to play through it and see that. 

The other big misconception was whether the game had to be online too - and it's important for people to understand that no, it's not required to be online to play the game, and it's a massive game where you can enjoy the full experience without putting any extra money in.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - Give up and Die, or Step Up Trailer

In addition to the above trailer, Bethesda has promised that they will be releasing a full gameplay reveal tomorrow. So be sure to check back then!

Destiny 2 - Patch 1.0.3 Notes

Patch is out now!


  • Fixed an issue in which Hunters with a specific amount of health would see their health bar on the HUD at all times


  • Fixed issue in the raid that granted resurrection tokens unintentionally to players joining encounters in progress
  • Fixed an issue in which killing the first Minotaur too quickly in the Unbreakable Adventure would result in progression being blocked


  • Fixed an issue where clan XP was not being granted for completing public events
  • Fixed an issue preventing some players from receiving weekly clan engrams
  • Players who leave a clan will still not be eligible for clan rewards that week


  • Fixed an issue in which Bright engrams would show 'Requires Level 20' if a player hadn't accepted all Leveling Rewards from Tess after reaching level 20
  • Fixed an issue in which the action button on weapon ornaments displayed Discard instead of Unlock


  • Reduced the amount needed to complete the Call to Arms milestone to align it with other weekly milestones
  • Adjusted Midtown Clash & Supremacy power ammo locations 
  • Added invisible physics volumes to keep players from leaving the intended playable space in Midtown
  • Added a soft-kill volume to keep players from hiding on the edge of the Eternity map
  • Dead players' Ghosts will no longer appear in the "Fork" location in Eternity


  • Fixed an issue in which players in the Tower could sometimes fail to load gear
  • Fixed a crash when signing out of Destiny 2