Lgndary Thoughts - The PS4 Pro Gets Some Competition

As usual, news has slowed significantly now that E3 is over, which is never fun. On the plus side, however, it has given me time to work on Valkyrie Revolution for the review that goes live on Tuesday! The slow news period has also meant that I can continue my work on a few special things I have planned for the site. I can’t talk about them yet, but I will soon!

Also expect to see Lgndary Thoughts come back with a little more frequency, including today! There was a lot of news at E3, and I plan on writing about a lot of it. Today, I will be talking about the Xbox One X, and how it compares to the PS4 Pro in terms of market strategy. Enjoy!

At E3, Microsoft officially announced a more powerful version of the Xbox One, called the Xbox One X. And even though it will launch an entire year after the PS4 Pro, it is still a direct competitor. So let’s see how they compare!

For starters, the price of the Xbox One X is a full $100 more than the PS4 Pro, but that cost does come with some nice perks. The X is easily the more powerful of the two systems, and by a fairly significant margin. It is also smaller, and better looking than the PS4 Pro. Which is something that will make for a good selling point.

But when it comes to power, I’m not sure Microsoft’s bet will pay off. At the end of the day, I wouldn't be surprised if developers simply made an “enhanced” patch for their games that did the same thing on the PS4 Pro, and Xbox One X. To put it another way, I don't think developers are going to put in any extra work to make a version of their game just for Xbox One X. And if they do, it will be minimal improvements. 

But at the end of the day, I largely believe that Sony has made the smarter decision with the release timing and price of the PS4 Pro. You may have noticed that Sony hasn't really started pushing the PS4 Pro yet. But now that the Xbox One X has been announced, I’m sure that will change very soon. By not marketing the Pro when it launched last year, Sony has ensured that most people are unaware of its existence. So when consumers see ads for the Xbox One X, and PS4 Pro later this year, many will assume that they are essentially the same thing. And if people do think they are the same thing, that $400 price tag for the Pro is going to be a huge draw for those looking to make a purchase. 

Microsoft can counter this by pushing their “most powerful console ever” tagline, but I don't think it will be enough. Either way, it is going to be interesting seeing how these two consoles sell, because the future of consoles themselves could change depending on how well, or how badly they perform. 

What do you think of the Xbox One X? And how do you think it will do against the PS4 Pro? Be sure to leave a comment below!

Lgndary Thoughts - Ranking this year's E3 Press Conferences

E3 2017 has wrapped up. It may not have been the year everyone was hoping for, but at least we had a few exciting announcements. More than that, I learned a lot this year. This was the first year where I was able to focus totally on the site during E3. I admit that I did get a bit overwhelmed with the amount of news that poured in, but I know I will only do better in the future. 

Back to the topic at hand, I decided to close out the week with a ranking of all of the E3 press conferences this year. Be sure to give it a read and then leave your own ranking in the comments. Enjoy!

#6 - This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who watched Bethesda’s conference. It was short, had an insane amount of filler content, and the actual announcements were dull. Don’t get me wrong, The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein II look like they could be great games, but they certainly aren't huge announcements. Especially considering it was obvious those two titles would be revealed. At Bethesda’s first E3 conference a few years ago, they said they wouldn't have one every single year. I think it is safe to say that this should have been one of those years. 

#5 - Up next is Electronic Arts. EA’s conference is going to be one you either loved or hated depending on how you feel about sports games. I couldn't care less about them, so their conference didn't excite me. I will say, however, that A Way Out looks phenomenal. Few new titles revealed at E3 looked as interesting and unique as A Way Out, and it alone is what saved them from being last in my list. 

#4 - I may get some heat for this, but I am putting Sony behind Microsoft this year. I believe both of them were mostly viewed as disappointments, but at the very least Microsoft announced new things. Sony’s show wasn't even a press conference, it was just a stream of trailers. But that would have been fine if they had showed us something new or exciting. Instead, they mostly just redid what they did last year. The saving grace was, of course, Shadow of the Colossus. While it wasn't a new game announcement, the remake still looks incredible and I can’t wait to play it. 

#3 - Microsoft and Sony were pretty even for me, but I did decide to put Microsoft on top this year for a few reasons. For starters, they had a real conference, as opposed to Sony’s trailer reel. They also had the advantage of announcing the Xbox One X. It isn't anything groundbreaking, but new hardware announcements are always exciting, even if they are just revamps. The final announcement was the Xbox backwards compatibility reveal. Games are obviously the most important thing when it comes video game systems, but software features are important as well. Sony has continued to fail with this, so Microsoft gets extra points for continuing to push for more than games. 

#2 - Ubisoft didn't have an incredible E3 press conference this year, but unlike everyone below them, they didn't disappoint. To put it another way, Ubisoft delivered a standard performance. And that was really refreshing in the face of so many others dropping the ball this year. Assassin’s Creed: Origins looks to be a massive improvement over recent titles in the series. Beyond Good and Evil 2 was very exciting, even if it is still so early in development. And they also had a new IP to announce with Skull and Bones. 

#1 - Who else but Nintendo? They had, what felt like, the only standout performance this year with multiple new game announcements, huge incredible reveals, and interesting new gameplay for previously announced games. It was a bit on the shorter side, but at the very least it was packed with exciting announcements. I know a lot of people feel that same way, but that is just a testament to how well they did this year. 

How would you rank all of the press conferences this year? Be sure to leave a list in the comments below!

Lgndary Thoughts - E3 Hopes and Dreams

Can you believe that E3 2017 is less than a month away? I can, due to the hype that is starting to build pretty quick! I thought I’d post a more relaxed thought this week where we can discuss not what we think will be at E3, but what we hope will be there. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

Medievil - With all the talk of old games getting resurrected, I am always sad to see that Medievil isn’t mentioned as much as it should be, as it would be the perfect game to breath new life into. And I don't mean a remaster. This might seem far-fetched, but hear me out. Medievil needs to be brought back as a casual, fun type of souls game. I honestly think it would be perfect for it. I’m not saying that they have to use every element of a souls game, just enough for it to fit in with the genre. And I would be very interested to see a type of souls game for people that are more fun oriented, as opposed to challenge oriented. 

Spyro Trilogy - While I am very happy for fans of Crash Bandicoot, I can't say that I am particularly excited for the N.sane trilogy. I played the games when I was a kid, but I honestly don't remember them too fondly. Spyro, however, is a completely different story. That is why Sony should do everything they can to give it the same treatment that Crash received. I even think a remastered Spyro trilogy would be a lot more popular than Crash’s. Spyro is the better game after all!

Dualshock 4 Pro - I still think it is crazy that this doesn't exist yet. The only reason I can imagine Sony not producing one is because it would be “copying” Microsoft. But that is no excuse to not go forward with a great idea. And if they are afraid of being perceived as copy cats, they can always take steps to distance themselves from the Xbox Pro Controller. Maybe it could still be made with premium materials but without the ability to swap parts. This would differentiate it between the Xbox controller, while also bringing the price down. But I honestly don't care how they do it, I just want a premium Dualshock.

Dreams - For those that don't know this, Dreams was actually one of the very first PS4 games ever announced. It was revealed before we even saw the PS4 itself. So the fact that we still know almost nothing about this game is unbelievable. On the upside, however, I do feel that this E3 will finally be the one where we get our first real look at the game. And personally, I am hoping for a 3D LittleBigPlanet. LittleBigPlanet was a side scrolling platformer that put a huge amount of emphasis on creating and sharing. I would love if Dreams took that same concept, but made it a 3D platformer instead. We already know that players will be able to create things in a 3D space, so I don't think Dreams turning out to be a 3D platformer would be too much of a stretch. Still though, I’m not getting my hopes too high for this. I think a 3D LittleBigPlanet might sound too good to be true. 

E3 is right around the corner, and I’m starting to get more excited than I have for Playstation in a long time. These are just a few of the things I am hoping to see at this year's event, but now I want to hear from you! Remember, these are not predictions. So go crazy with what you hope to see! Have a good weekend everyone!

Lgndary Thoughts - How To Keep PS4 Sales Up

Sony announced that the PS4 has surpassed 60 million in sales worldwide, with 2016 being the systems best year so far. But Sony has stated that they expect sales to start declining in 2017. While I believe that is a natural assumption to make, as all consoles slow down at some point, it isn't set in stone. So having said that, let’s discuss what Sony could do this year to really push even higher sales numbers. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

A rumor has been making the rounds the past couple of days stating that Sony has struck a deal with Capcom to get Monster Hunter 5 on PS4. I personally believe the rumor is fake, but it would have some serious implications if it were true. Monster Hunter is an insanely popular series in Japan, the place the PS4 has struggled the most, so if Monster Hunter 5 really were to be an exclusive, system sales in Japan would sky rocket. It might even be what it takes for the PS4 to surpass the PS2 in sales. But like I said, there is no reason to believe that rumor and I would be shocked if it came true. 

Coming back to reality, I believe one of the best things Sony can do to keep PS4 sales up is something they have been very successful at in recent years. Having a constant stream of quality first party titles. Bloodborne, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and The Last Guardian (just to name a few) are the kind of system sellers that they need to keep pumping out. Detroit and God of War give me a lot of hope for the future, as long as they keep the quality up. 

The final aspect of the PS4 that I think Sony needs to focus on is the system itself. Microsoft has done an excellent job at updating the Xbox One on a regular basis, and I think it is time Sony does the same. We go months and months in-between system updates, and most of them end up being fairly lackluster. More dedication needs to be placed in PS4 system updates, and they need to start getting creative and thinking outside the box if they want to stay competitive in that space.

The PS4 has been an incredible success story, but that success doesn't have to stop anytime soon. These are just a few of the things I believe will keep it selling well into the future. What do you think? Be sure to let me know what you think Sony can do with the PS4 to keep those sales numbers up!

Lgndary Thoughts - What are you playing?

Don't forget to leave a comment!

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! I was hoping to have a Thought this week that was a little more interesting, but it is taking a lot of effort and I didn't quite have time to work on it as much as I wanted to this week. So I had to come up with this, but I hope you understand! Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

Over the past few weeks, I have been focusing on 3 games. Final Fantasy XIV, Persona 5, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It has been difficult finding time for all of them, but I am doing my best! 

Starting with Zelda. After a little over 120 hours, I have finally activated all of the divine beasts! But I am no where near finishing the game. I still have a lot to do, and I am still discovering new things every day. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I won’t say much more, but Breath of the Wild is an experience that will not be topped for a long time. 

Due to some unfortunate events, I had to stop playing Final Fantasy XIV as much as I usually do for a few months. But I have started gearing back up, and have a plan to get ready for the upcoming expansion. I have two main focuses; making a lot of money (gil), and training for the new raid. 

Stormblood will be introducing a new housing area that looks incredible (pictured above), and I really want a place there. Especially since I have never been able to buy a house before. But to do that, I need a LOT of gil. To acquire it, I plan on investing a lot of time leveling up all of my crafting classes. Wish me luck!

But buying a house is not the only thing I want to accomplish in Stormblood. I hope to join a top tier raiding group as a Dark Knight. But while I am confident in my abilities, I have a long ways to go. I’m not sure exactly how I am going to approach it yet, but hopefully I figure something out. 

And now the most recent game that I have been playing, Persona 5. Again, I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, but I have been loving the latest Persona title. I think it is almost crazy that we can have an RPG with as deep a battle system and story as Persona’s, and have all of the social elements on top of that. If feels like we’re getting two games in one!

Having said all of that, I can’t help but feel that we need more games like Persona 5. To be more specific, I feel we need more high quality, AAA, turn based RPGs. That is exactly what I hope we get with Final Fantasy XVI, but that is a thought for another day!

Be sure to leave a comment below, I’d love to hear about what everyone has been playing lately, and I promise to respond to everyone! But feel free to leave comments about what type of content you would like to see on the site, or any suggestions for that matter. 

Have a good weekend everyone!

Lgndary Thoughts - The Top Five Worlds I Want In Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III has been officially announced by Square Enix, but that doesn't mean we are getting it anytime soon. And because this is Square Enix we're talking about, it could be some time before we actually get our hands on the game. To help with the wait, I have compiled a list of the top five worlds I would personally like to see in Kingdom Hearts III, and why I think they should be included. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

#5 - Lilo and Stitch 

I know Lilo and Stitch have actually been featured in Kingdom Hearts before, well... minus the Lilo part. Birth by Sleep did have a Deep Space world, but I think it’s finally time we make our way to Hawaii. Having said that, I do recognize that it might be difficult to implement Hawaii. Since it is a real place that people can visit today, it could be hard to make it interesting for players. But  the characters of Lilo and Stitch are great, and the Deep Space world did not do the movie justice.

#4 - The Emperors New Groove.

To be honest, I'm actually kind of surprised this hasn't been in Kingdom Hearts yet. The Emperors New Groove is one of the funniest Disney movies out there, and the world is a perfect fit. There are different types of settings that could be visited, like the city or the jungle. And best of all, Square could include animal transformation elements. Sora and the gang are already known to turn into animals in other worlds, and that could be taken to the next level with The Emperors New Groove. 

#3 - Pocahontas.

Pocahontas is actually my second favorite Disney movie, and I’m shocked that it hasn't made an appearance in Kingdom Hearts either. Well, that isn't entirely true. The movie does deal with some pretty sensitive themes, and I can see how it would be difficult to implement those into a light-hearted game like Kingdom Hearts. But I still believe it could be done. Maybe the Native Americans and Englishmen can unite against the heartless, that would send a good message. Right?

#2 - Treasure Planet

First off, shame on you America! $38 million at the box office? Treasure Planet is a masterpiece, and it didn't deserve what it got!

And Treasure Planet being a masterpiece is a big reason why it should be a featured world in Kingdom Hearts III. The world and lore are also perfect for Kingdom Hearts. All of the characters are unique, and unlike anything seen in the series so far, such as aliens and robots. Plus, could you image Sora solar surfing? It would be so awesome! How could they not do it?!

#1 - Mary Poppins

Speaking of unique worlds, Mary Poppins would be an excellent one to feature in Kingdom Hearts. And just to be clear, Kingdom Hearts II did have a Pirates of the Caribbean world. So live action films are not off limits. Mary Poppins would work a lot better since a significant portion of the film takes place in a cartoon. They might encounter some issues due to the fact that there isn't really a villain in Mary Poppins, but that hasn't stopped Square Enix before!

Bonus! Bedknobs and Broomsticks

I didn’t include this in the main list because the concept behind it would be similar to Mary Poppins. But I actually like Bedknobs and Broomsticks more, and think it would be a really great, and creative addition to Kingdom Hearts. There are challenges of course, mainly that the film takes place during war time, but there are plenty of reasons to give it a shot. Traveling to different worlds with Miss Price, fighting alongside magicked suits of armor, it would be great! And as a bonus, it wouldn't be any trouble at all getting Angela Lansbury to provide the voice of Miss Price, as they already have her to voice Mrs. Potts!


Square Enix never released a Kingdom Hearts game for the PS3, and that means the series will be taking a much larger technological leap than any previous game ever has. Due to this, I believe there are so many more possibilities to what players should be able to do in different worlds, and I certainly hope that Square takes advantage of that and pushes for more creative and unexpected destinations for Sora and his friends. 

Now it's your turn! Be sure to visit the comments below and tell me what five worlds you'd like to see in Kingdom Hearts III the most!

Lgndary Thoughts - April's PS Plus Lineup

April’s Playstation Plus games have been available for about a week now, and I think that is just enough time to be able to talk about this month’s offerings. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

Real quick, here is the full lineup for those that missed it:

  • Drawn To Death, PS4
  • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, PS4
  • Invizimals: the Lost Kingdom, PS3
  • Alien Rage – Extended Edition, PS3
  • 10 Second Ninja, PS Vita (crossbuy with PS4)
  • Curses ‘n Chaos, PS Vita (crossbuy on PS4)

Staring with Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. I actually think this is a pretty fun game! It is a couch co-op title where the players man different stations of a small space ship. There are 4 different stations for the ship’s guns, another station for movement, and even a station for the shield. It is up to players to work together to operate the spaceship and clear each level. It is a smaller game, but it’s cute and I enjoyed what I played.

There is one big problem with the game though, and that comes with the single player mode. While it does have an option for players that don’t have anyone to play with, a lot of the fun is lost with it. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is definitely something i’d check out if you have some friends to play with, but not if you don’t.

Drawn to Death is the other PS4 title for April, and it is an online shooter of sorts. Just like most online shooters, Drawn to Death puts players into an arena where the goal is to take down other players. The most unique thing about the game is probably the art style. The whole game “takes place” inside a teenagers notebook where everything is hand drawn. But i’ll be honest, I did not care for the visuals. I know they were trying to be creative with the game, but it just comes off looking really boring and empty. 

I am also not a fan of the theme of the game. The developers have tried way too hard to come across as edgy and punk-like. I won’t get too specific, but I honestly can’t help but cringe seeing some of the things they put into this game. 

Unfortunately, the gameplay itself doesn't make up for the poor stylistic choices made in Drawn to Death either. Everything about the mechanics and how they work feels amateur. The balance, visual effects, movement, and more leaves a lot to be desired. 

Overall I would say April’s PS Plus lineup is a disappointment. Drawn to Death is simply a bad game, and while Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is fun, it definitely can’t hold up this month by itself. 

What do you think? Are this month’s PS Plus games a hit, or a flop? Let me know in the comments below!

Lgndary Thoughts - The Do's and Don'ts of Loot Crates

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s topic might not be the most exciting one, but it is something that I have wanted to bring up for awhile now. I am, of course, talking about loot crates. And how they can make a game either more fun, or horrible. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

Loot crates/boxes/treasure chests have been around for quite awhile now. Most people probably see how they benefit developers the most, but that doesn't mean that they can’t be done in such a way that feels rewarding for the player as well. 

One good example of a rewarding loot box system is Overwatch’s. Their loot system works for several different reasons. The most significant of which being that nothing in their loot crates feels like filler content. I do admit that some of the items are more APPEALING, mainly skins. But even the sprays and voice lines are fun to get. 

Another strong point of Overwatch’s system is the fact that most of the playable characters, if not all of them, are great. People obviously have their favorites, but due to the nature of the game, one person will end up playing a significant portion of the cast. This minimizes the likelihood that a loot box will contain something that is completely useless. 

While Overwatch is an example of good loot box implementation, Paragon is an example of a bad one. For those that don’t know, Paragon has loot crates, as well as loot chests. Both of them have the same problem of containing items that nobody wants. My brother actually spent $20 on loot crates, all of which contained nothing but reputation boosts. A reward that is only slightly better than nothing. 

I have also had very little luck with the crates and chests of Paragon. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be that unusual. After looking online to see what other players were getting, I found that they were often getting nothing but reputation, or experience boosts. 

More often than not, players are rewarded in Paragon with things that range from mildly helpful, to entirely useless. It makes the entire experience frustrating when it is supposed to be a reason for players to keep coming back. 

Despite everything wrong with Paragon’s system, I have to give them a pass. The game is still in open beta, so I am going to assume that they will continue to tweak and improve it until it works. 

Loot crates as a whole seem to be appearing in more and more games these days, and it is easy to see why. But it is also important that developers don't get too greedy, and make it a fun experience for players as well. Let’s hope future developers take more inspiration from Overwatch’s system, than from Paragon’s. 

Lgndary Thoughts - Mass Disappointment

Mass Effect: Andromeda has been out for a little over a week now. I have been doing my best to play as much as possible so that I can write this impressions post. Having said that, a impressions post is all that I will be writing, as I have done something that I have not done in over ten years. I returned a game. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts.

The first disappointing aspect of Mass Effect: Andromeda is literally at very beginning of the game; the character creator. For a game that puts so much emphasis on story, cutscenes, and dialogue, I would expect so much more from the character creator. Like most games, Bioware has provided templates for people to use as a base for their character. Unlike most games, however, each template can only be adjusted slightly. How little control the player actually has in building their character is absurd, and incredibly disappointing. 

Even worse than being restricted by the character templates, are the templates themselves. Almost all of them either look insane, gross, or both. Meaning that, if you are looking for a character that looks halfway decent, you are going to be even more limited to the kind of character you can make. I don’t even understand how it is so bad. Bioware has plenty of experience building character creators, how could they have thought this would be acceptable?

But as annoying and frustrating those issues are, they are all still cosmetic. While they obviously affect the game experience on a whole, I don’t believe they would be the difference between a good game and a bad game. Unfortunately, Andromeda’s problems don't end at cosmetic issues. The gameplay itself has been nothing short of uninspired and frustrating.

When a mission is selected, a quest marker helps guide the player around. And that is what the game felt like, just chasing those orange circle symbols. The areas of the game lack any sort of creativity or cohesion to the point that following a marker is sometimes the only way to get to where you need to go. For one mission, my game actually glitched and wouldn't display the quest marker for me to follow. That resulted in me running around a structure trying to find my way in for over 20 minutes. These sort of instances really show how restricted the worlds are. 

The problem with the gameplay itself is what really kills it for me, and it is why I have little faith that Bioware can fix the game. I’m sure the animations can be touched up, and they could even go in and fix the character creator, although I doubt they will. But Mass Effect: Andromeda’s biggest problems aren't the graphics, or the animations, or the character creator. Mass Effect: Andromeda suffers from a core gameplay problem that simply can’t be patched. 

Mass Effect: Andromeda was one of my most anticipated games of this generation. And I was still excited about the game despite what I had been hearing about the animations. Animations are something that I can look past. But when the entire game is riddled with horrible gameplay decisions, bugs, and frustrating menus/ cutscenes, it becomes a chore to even play it. 

So that is why I made the decision to return the game. Something that I have never done before in my adult life. Like I said, I could not have been more excited about this game, but the product has been an incredible disappointment. It is nothing short of baffling that Bioware would even consider releasing a product of this low quality.  

Lgndary Thoughts - PS Now VS Xbox Game Pass

Playstation Now officially launched as a service in January of 2015. There are varying opinions about PS Now itself, but I won’t be talking about it directly today. Instead, let’s talk about it’s new competition. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

The Xbox Game Pass is a new service that Microsoft has announced for the Xbox One. It is similar in concept to Playstation Now, but the execution is tremendously better. 

Here is how Xbox Game Pass works. Users get access to over 100 Xbox games. This includes both Xbox 360, and Xbox One games. Users don't actually stream those games, they instead get to download them directly to their console. And here is the real kicker, the service is priced at $10 per month. 

Let’s compare all of that to Playstation Now. Both allow users to subscribe to a Netflix like service where they can play from a catalogue of games. Both will offer current and last gen titles to choose from, so they are both even there. But the big difference comes with how the games are actually played. PS Now users have to stream their games. Yes, it means that they can be played instantly, but it also means that the experience is going to depend on your internet connection. It also means that a internet connection is required. On Xbox, however, the games are downloaded. This ensures a smooth gaming experience that isn’t dependent on internet at all times. 

Being able to download the games is already a huge plus in my eyes, but what really makes the difference is the price. Xbox Games Pass is a full 50% cheaper than PS Now. That is huge! That even pulls it right in line with video streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. And actually, the biggest complaint regarding PS Now has been the price.

Of course, it is impossible to compare them fully until Xbox Game Pass launches, and Sony adds PS4 games to their service. But it isn’t hard to see that Microsoft has a much better service on their hands. But this is all actually really great for us Playstation fans. Now that Sony has a competitor, they are going to work much harder to improve PS Now. Hopefully a price cut is just around the corner, but only time will tell!