Yooka-Laylee - Spit n Polish Patch Notes

This patch is available on PC now, and should hit PS4 in the next couple of weeks


  • New music added to the pause menu 
  • New optional camera mode added with minimal assist 
  • Pagies have added signposts to Hivory Towers to help guide players to new worlds 
  • Design tweaks to all arcade games Improved speed when scrolling through Totals Menu 
  • New option for shorter ‘gibberish’ voice sound FX 
  • New speech volume option 
  • New ability to speed through dialogue by holding Y 
  • Cut-scenes can now be skipped with Y 
  • New moves section added to pause menu, with image guide 
  • Camera design improvements throughout game (less scripted cameras, door cams now appear behind player etc) 
  • Restart option added in the pause menu during arcade games and Kartos challenges 
  • ‘Sonar-able’ objects now have clearer visual identity 
  • Laser move no longer requires player to crouch 
  • Minecart control improvements and new visual effects 
  • Transformation control improvements 
  • Improved first-person aiming controls 
  • New first-person aiming control options added 
  • Improved flying controls 
  • When transformed, collecting butterflies now restores energy 
  • Hunter tonic now tracks the last 30 Quills and Casino Tokens, in addition to the Health and Power Extenders. It will also whistle at the location of the closest rare collectable
  • Health UI is now always visible when low 
  • Design tweaks in various areas (Black Hole in One, Gloomy Gem Grotto etc) 
  • New icons added for keyboard/mouse controls 
  • Arcade games now support per player control settings, such as vibration, inverted aim and sensitivity 
  • Improved Rampo boss fight 
  • Added PC Display Settings to the in-game pause menu 
  • Performance improvements 
  • Audio improvements 

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Nioh - Patch 1.12 Now Live

Here are the patch notes:


  • Added the "Donation" feature to the Clan Battle system. You can now donate equipment to your clan to obtain glory. Also, if you fulfill certain conditions, you will earn special rewards.
  • Added the "Temper" feature to the Blacksmith menu.
  • The following features have been added to the Blacksmith after you select "I have request for Muramasa."
  • Allows you to pay the cost of Soul Matching with patronage.
  • Allows you to forge Silabar Ingots. When you forge a Silabar Ingot, you will immediately use all of your Amrita, a percentage of which will be stored within the ingot. You can later use the Silabar Ingot to obtain the amrita stored within it.
  • Grants a low chance of obtaining rare forging materials when you disassemble equipment.
  • After selecting "Reforge" from the Blacksmith menu, pressing the △ button will reselect the most recently selected entry.
  • Added support for USB Music Player / PlayStation Music.


  • Increased initial completion rewards of Twilight missions
  • Added/adjusted initial rewards, including the addition of Umbracite. -Increased the amount of gold/amrita received as part of the initial rewards. (When a Twilight mission reappears, you can obtain the initial rewards again.)
  • Increased rewards when playing as a Visitor:
  • Umbracite will now randomly drop when you defeat an enemy.
  • The level of the equipment you can obtain will now increase based on your progress.
  • You can now receive Umbracite as a reward for completing a mission as a Visitor. -Increased the crest protection of the following clans: Ishida / Otani / Nato / Mohri / Kuroda / Kikkawa / Torii / Matsunaga / Saika / Uesugi / Shibata / Mori / Fuma / Takeda / Murakami / Naoe / Ashikaga / Satake / Ukita / Asakura
  • Increased the crest protection's starting value of the following clans:
  • Oda / Shima / Chosokabe / Tachibana / Date / Fukushima / Akechi
  • Adjusted/changed clan protection bonuses that are determined by membership duration:
  • Decreased the amount of time it takes to receive the highest bonus from membership duration.
  • After rejoining a clan you were previously part of, you will now start with a portion of the membership duration bonus you previously had. (This only applies to clan transfers performed after ver. 1.12.)
  • You can now increase your membership duration bonus by making donations. (If you have already reached the maximum bonus level, donations will not increase it further.)


  • Fixed a bug in which your previous "Glory Contributed" value would sometimes be reflected as the current value under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug in which you would be unable to recover amrita taken by amrita-stealing attacks from enemies like the One-eyed Imp if you defeated the enemy before the amrita was completely stolen. Also fixed a bug in which the amount of amrita you could obtain from an enemy who stole amrita would decrease if you had a large amount of amrita.
  • Fixed a bug in which the skill "Stone Mallet" would trigger even when you didn't hold the button.
  • Fixed a bug in which the level at which you completed "The Queen's Eyes" would be the same as that of "The Demon King Revealed" in the gameplay record menu.
  • Fixed a bug in PVP battles in which you would sometimes not be matched with people using the same secret word if you had set the battle type to "Without Conditions" and the secret word to "On" when searching.
  • Fixed a bug in which "Amrita Obtained" would include amrita obtained from using a book of reincarnation when displayed in the gameplay record menu.

Paragon - Patch .41 Delayed

Here is the announcement from Epic:

Hey folks,

We wanted to make sure that we alerted the community that tomorrow's v.41 build has been delayed due to several issues that crept into the build and we're now working to fix.

We will make sure to update this thread and our channels on Twitter and Facebook when the update has been released.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We want to ensure we don't release the build with known stability issues.

Final Fantasy XV - Patch 1.12 Now Live

Here are the patch notes:

  • Implementation of Regalia Type-D off-road customization option (available at Hammerhead)
  • Conclusion of survey regarding future updates
  • Addition of compatibility with EPISODE PROMPTO
  • Addition of pieces from EPISODE PROMPTO to music player tracklist
  • Various bug fixes

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Patch 1.04 out now

Here are the patch notes!

  • Fixed enemy / ally teleportation issue in Kingdom Hearts II.
  • Adjusted magnetic force of commands such as Magnet in Kingdom Hearts II.
  • Fixed various other issues.

Raiders of the Broken Planet - Beta Updated

The beta for Raiders of the Broken Planet has received an update, the details of which you can read here:

Hanging by a thread:

  • Changes in the Antagonist respawn points.
  • Less waiting time without gameplay.
  • We have adjusted down the difficulty in matches with an Antagonist.
  • Elite assault enemies’ grapple tells are much more visible now.
  • Turrets bug is fixed.

In Shock:

  • Players have more time to stop Shae’s electrocution in matches without an Antagonist.
  • Kuzmann’s life is increased in matches with an Antagonist.

Weapons changes:

  • Weapon changes to: Ogon Shtorm BV, Hornet HH3 (Konstantin), Smoking Daisy (Alicia) and Spinning Coin (Lycus).
  • The rest of the weapons have been further balanced based on community feedback.

General changes:

  • Enemy AI has been improved, now they are much smarter about their position and use of cover.
  • Respawn bug is fixed.
  • Grapple bug is fixed.
  • Communicator sounds bugs fixed.

Friday the 13th: The Game Patch 1.05 Notes

Patch is available to download now

  • Various bugs were fixed.
  • Various reported crashes.
  • Various reported exploits.
  • Added Retro Jason skin.
  • Added new counsellor colours.
  • Added support for double xp.

The Witcher 3 to get a PS4 Pro Patch

Tekken 7 - 1.02 Patch Out Now

You can read the patch notes below!

  • The following player information will no longer be displayed before a match: Character Selected, Wins, Rank, Title
  • Connection with other players can be established more frequently
  • Improved Stability
  • Addition of ON/OFF feature for voice chat
  • Some characters’ move properties were corrected

Raiders of the Broken Planet - Beta Update

The beta for Raiders of the Broken Planet skipped last weekend in order to implement some changes that the community had been asking for. The beta will be back this weekend, and with the following changes:

  • Lots of you have found the implementation of the grapple frustrating. We’ve added new sound effects and visual cues to better telegraph the move to players. During this more obvious signal, you now have a clearer window of opportunity to parry this move with a strike. 
  • We’ve added more character information to allow you to better understand the abilities and skills unique to your chosen Raider. You can access this anytime in game by pressing D-Pad up on your controller or “1” if your using keyboard and mouse.
  • We’ve adjusted the camera control when your character is wounded. It’s now much easier to control your character and the camera, giving you better chances of survival.
  • We’ve made changes to the UI/HUD to make it easier to access the solo and matchmaking modes. In addition, we hope the rewards interface is clearer now. 
  • We’ve added more information to the quick guide section. In particular, there is a detailed explanation on how to manage your character's profile, create a new build and a beginners section that outlines how to handle your first contact with the game.
  • We’ve improved the matchmaking system. You should find matches quicker, be paired with players of more equal skill and much better management of Antagonist appearance rates.
  • We’ve added more content including new player skins. Please note these are work in progress with many effects not yet implemented but we thought you might like to check them out regardless.
  • We’ve balanced weapons with many improvements based on your feedback.
  • General bug fixes and stability issues have been fixed.