Raiders of the Broken Planet - Next Beta Period Dated

Mercury Steam has announced that this weekend will hold another opportunity for beta testers to play Raiders of the Broken Planet. Servers will be open from Saturday 27th at 9:00AM until Sunday 28th at 7:00PM EST.

Those that have already been invited to the beta will simply need to update their game to play.

Lawbreakers beta signup page now live

Those interested in giving the newly announced PS4 version of Lawbreakers can now sign up for the beta.

Just head to the source link below to fill out the form!

Windjammers Closed Beta Announced

Here's the press release:

Paris, France – May, 18th 2017 – DotEmu, developer, and publisher specializing in modern releases of beloved retro games, is thrilled to announce the opening of the online closed BETA of Windjammers from 8th to June 12th, 2017 (included) on PlayStation4® only! Subscribe today to try your luck at challenging the best gamers online!

Initially launched on arcade cabinet and NEOGEO, Windjammers is the mix of a sports game and fighting game where challengers face each other on a field and throw a Frisbee® at the opponent's goal zone to score points. The player with the most points wins. Discover in exclusivity, through this BETA, the new online ranking mode giving the chance to gamers of all over the world to compete against each other. This closed BETA will help us test the online mode and the matchmaking system.

Sign up at the source link below!

Gwent Public Beta Announced for next week

CD Projekt Red has announced that they will hold an open beta for Gwent next week. Players will be able to test out their upcoming competitive card game on May 24th.

CD Projekt Red has also announced that the public beta will be a fresh start for everyone. Meaning that no cards or progress will transfer from the closed beta.

Everybody's Golf - Beta Signups Open

Everybody's Golf doesn't launch until August 29th, but a few lucky people will get a chance to try it out early! Sony has announced that the beta will start next week, and opened signups for people to register. 

Those interested can find the sign up page at the source link below.

Street Fighter V - CFN Beta Now Available For Download

The beta won't be playable until 9PM ET, but it can be downloaded now so that players can jump right in when it goes live.

Those interested can find the download page at the source link below!

Raiders of the Broken Planet - 4 divided by 1 trailer

A beta has also been announced for Raiders of the Broken Planet which will take place on May 13th. Those interested can sigh up for the beta at the source link below.

Capcom Fighters Network Beta hitting PS4 May 11th

Capcom has been hard at work improving their network to provide a better experience for Street Fighter V players, and PS4 owners will get their first taste of it soon. An open beta will be available for everyone, even if you don't own the game, from May 11th to May 14th. 

What's more, the next DLC character will also be available in the beta. So that should mean an official announcement should be on the horizon regarding that. 

Below are a list if changes expected to be featured in the beta:

  • Back in December, we implemented an update to the Rage Quit System which displayed a special Player Profile Icon for the worst offenders and the most honorable players. These icons are working correctly now and matchmaking logic now takes into account your online behavior and frequent disconnectors will be matched with similar opponents.
  • We understand many players were not happy with the load times when entering online matches. There will now be a shorter transition when going into a Ranked or Casual Match.
  • Country flags should now properly load in Battle Lounges, allowing players to locate competition in their region.
  • It should now take less time to find an opponent in online matches. We’ve also added logic which avoids frequently being matched with the same opponent repeatedly.
  • More detailed stats will be tracked and presented on your Fighter Profile.
  • Players will now be able to filter leaderboards based on Country or League.
  • In addition to adding a player to your Favorites, you can now add Friends and follow them on CFN. You can now also Blacklist players.
  • On the CFN home menu, a live feed of your Friends’ activities is presented on an interactive Timeline. Using the Timeline, you can immediately add a recent match to your Replay List, view a Fighter Profile, manage your Friends, and adjust Timeline display settings.
  • The in-game announcer will give you stats on both you and your opponent using data pulled from the server.

Brawlhalla Gameplay Trailer

A closed beta has also been announced for Brawlhalla! Those interested can sign up at the source link below.