Capcom files another trademark for Deep Down

Well it looks like Deep Down is still alive, although I can't imagine it is the same game we saw years ago. Even still, I wouldn't be surprised if we never see it again. 

Capcom Granted Extension for Deep Down Trademark

Looks like they aren't done with this game quite yet. But what could be taking so long?

Deep Down Still in Development

Yoshinori Ono had this to say in a recent interview:

"It looks like Deep Down will take just a little longer. It also looks like some people are starting to ask 'did the development come to a halt?' but it's nothing like that. We're thinking about showing something that looks completely different from what previously shown, although it might be a while from now."

Could they be developing it into a full fledged $60 title? I hope so, but I'm not going to hold my breath.