Paragon - .39.3 Patch Notes


  • Reduced Prime Buff health regeneration from 3% to 1.5% of max health.
  • Reduced Prime Buff mana regeneration from 3% to 1.5% of max mana.
  • Reduced Prime Buff aura minion health bonus from 50% to 25%.
  • Reduced duration of Prime Buff from 150 to 120 seconds.
  • Removed Deathtouch minions.
  • Reduced respawn delay per hero level from 5.8 seconds to 5.2 seconds. (Previously 90 seconds at max level, now 81 seconds.)
  • There is now a minimum duration added to the move speed penalty (when attacking)

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A sneak peak at some upcoming Paragon content

At an event in China, Epic games used the above image to give us a little sneak peak at what is to come. The money king character on the left is almost certainly a new hero. But some are speculating that the dragon character could simply be a skin for an existing hero. Only time will tell, but they both certainly look very cool.

Paragon - Revenant fully revealed

Here is a list of his abilities:

  • Revolver Round (LMB/R2) - Revenant carries a revolver with 4 rounds, upon consuming these rounds he will automatically reload.
  • Hellfire Rounds (RMB/R1) - Allows you to reload your weapon at any time, and passively causes bonus damage on your fourth shot.
  • Scar (E/Circle) -  Infuses your target with dark energy, attacking will deal bonus damage to your enemy.
  • Obliterate (Q/Square) - Revenant fires a volley of projectiles which randomly target enemies in front of him.
  • Reckoning (R/Triangle) - Revenant transports himself and his target to the Nether Realm, where he and his enemy must duel. While there, only Revenant can see his prey and they can only damage each other. If he succeeds in killing his enemy, he collects their bounty, earning bonus card power.

Paragon - New Hero Teased

Expect the full reveal to come Thursday!

Paragon - .39.1 Update Goes Live Tomorrow Afternoon

Lgndary Thoughts - The Do's and Don'ts of Loot Crates

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s topic might not be the most exciting one, but it is something that I have wanted to bring up for awhile now. I am, of course, talking about loot crates. And how they can make a game either more fun, or horrible. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

Loot crates/boxes/treasure chests have been around for quite awhile now. Most people probably see how they benefit developers the most, but that doesn't mean that they can’t be done in such a way that feels rewarding for the player as well. 

One good example of a rewarding loot box system is Overwatch’s. Their loot system works for several different reasons. The most significant of which being that nothing in their loot crates feels like filler content. I do admit that some of the items are more APPEALING, mainly skins. But even the sprays and voice lines are fun to get. 

Another strong point of Overwatch’s system is the fact that most of the playable characters, if not all of them, are great. People obviously have their favorites, but due to the nature of the game, one person will end up playing a significant portion of the cast. This minimizes the likelihood that a loot box will contain something that is completely useless. 

While Overwatch is an example of good loot box implementation, Paragon is an example of a bad one. For those that don’t know, Paragon has loot crates, as well as loot chests. Both of them have the same problem of containing items that nobody wants. My brother actually spent $20 on loot crates, all of which contained nothing but reputation boosts. A reward that is only slightly better than nothing. 

I have also had very little luck with the crates and chests of Paragon. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be that unusual. After looking online to see what other players were getting, I found that they were often getting nothing but reputation, or experience boosts. 

More often than not, players are rewarded in Paragon with things that range from mildly helpful, to entirely useless. It makes the entire experience frustrating when it is supposed to be a reason for players to keep coming back. 

Despite everything wrong with Paragon’s system, I have to give them a pass. The game is still in open beta, so I am going to assume that they will continue to tweak and improve it until it works. 

Loot crates as a whole seem to be appearing in more and more games these days, and it is easy to see why. But it is also important that developers don't get too greedy, and make it a fun experience for players as well. Let’s hope future developers take more inspiration from Overwatch’s system, than from Paragon’s.