A look at Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood's pre-order theme

Dragon Quest XI to feature horse racing

The latest issue of Shonen Jump has revealed more details regarding Dragon Quest XI. The most notable of which is the inclusion of horse racing. Read on for Jump's description of this new feature.

Competitive racing using horses that are popular in certain countries. If you win a race, you will get items as well. Drive ahead of your formidable rivals, and aim for the goal at the top. On the course, there may also be jump stands and places with bad footing. But aim for victory, beat your record, and challenge the races time and time again!

But horse racing isn't the only new addition to the series. Dragon Quest XI will also include a casino, the description of which can be found below.

Exchange G (gold) for coins and take on various games. You can exchange the coins you earn for wonderful prizes. Games pictured include the slot machine, poker, and roulette.

First two screenshots for The Lost Child

Famitsu has also given us a bit of a preview regarding the game. According to them, The Lost Child is set in a Japan where there exist mythical layers between each city. The player, along with several party members, will explore these layers throughout the game. 

I'll be sure to post more details as we get them!

Four new Overwatch skins revealed

Overwatch will soon be launching a special 1 year anniversary event, and Blizzard has been teasing some new content for it on twitter. The latest tease has been the reveal of 4 brand new skins, which can be found below. The quality isn't the best since I pulled them off of a twitter video, but it's better than nothing!