New Flash Sale Now Live On PS Store

Some highlights include:

  • Borderlands: The Handsome Collection - $17.99
  • Far Cry Primal - $16.49
  • Persona 4 Golden - $8.99
  • Evolve - $8.99
  • The Evil Within - $8.99
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall - $4.99

Be sure to check out the full list of games on sale at the source link!

Sales inbound to celebrate the PS Store's 10 year anniversary

Deal - Buy one year of PS Plus, get 3 months free

Sony has announced a special deal for buyers of PS Plus! Customers who buy one year of their service on the PS Store, will now get an additional 3 months free. This deal will end on March 31st, so get it while you can! 

Check out their official announcement below:

If you buy one year of PlayStation Plus through PlayStation Store, you’ll get a bonus three months of PS Plus. This promotion runs through March 31, 2017. To see the full terms and conditions of this offer, please visit our website. Oh, and don’t forget — Drawn to Death is coming to PS Plus as a free game next month! We’re excited for this title, and hope you’ll like this special treat for PS Plus members.

Only on Playstation Sale now live

Some highlights include:

  • God of War III - $5.99
  • Until Dawn - $9.99
  • Bound - $10.99
  • Freedom Wars - $2.99
  • Puppeteer - $5.99

Be sure to check out everything on sale at the source link below!