PS Blog - Mass Effect: Andromeda Impressions

A portion of their impressions:

For those wondering how much Andromeda will build on the story of the original Mass Effect trilogy, the answer appears to be: not so much. Since Andromeda is a major departure from the original trilogy, don’t expect to bump into Shepard or the Reapers. A Bioware rep did tell me, however, that eagle-eyed players may uncover a few narrative morsels that relate to that story. You won’t be importing past save files to carry on any narrative choices, either, as it doesn’t fit with the new protagonist and setting.

Check out their full thoughts at the source link below.

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Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Open Beta Now Available For Download

The open beta for Ghost Recon: Wildlands starts today! All PS4 players will be able to play it from now until February 27th. PS Plus is needed, but only if you want to experience co-op. 

Grab the download at the source link below!

Cards Against Humanity - Mass Effect Pack Announced

The pack contains 14 Mass Effect cards, and is available for purchase for $1 at the source link below!