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Rime - Review Roundup


I was really torn on Rime until I got caught up in its emotional ending, capped off by a fantastic unexpected chapter select reveal. I really saw what Tequila Works was trying to do by the time the curtain closed and it ended up spurring another partial playthrough in the process. Even during its most underwhelming moments, Rime got a response out of me, and I'll remember it for years to come.


This game has it all, really. It has a sense of wonder, of poise and, over time, a true sense of emerging character. And it has something to say. Something that is worth hearing.


 But when compared to its influences like Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and Journey, it doesn't hold up too well. Consistent navigation problems, some frustrating puzzles, fiddly platforming, and severe frame rate dips make Rime feel like a well-dressed tribute act.


This is perhaps the most damning and instructive thing I can say about Rime. Save for its manipulative final moments, I spent the of the entirety of the game completely stone-faced. I felt only a detached appreciation for visuals and music that, because of the monotonous game they envelop, never congeal into something really moving. No giggles of delight, no gasps of wonder, just ... nothing.

US Gamer:

Rime is a beautiful, beautiful game that manages to feel remarkably empty, even in the face of its earnest attempts. The aesthetic that breathes life into the island of Rime feels a bit too familiar, but it doesn't dampen its vast, ever-photographable horizons. Nonetheless, Rime is a light third-person adventure game with quiet puzzle solving, in a year where we haven't had much of those, which alone makes it a worthwhile respite.

Dragon Quest XI to feature horse racing

The latest issue of Shonen Jump has revealed more details regarding Dragon Quest XI. The most notable of which is the inclusion of horse racing. Read on for Jump's description of this new feature.

Competitive racing using horses that are popular in certain countries. If you win a race, you will get items as well. Drive ahead of your formidable rivals, and aim for the goal at the top. On the course, there may also be jump stands and places with bad footing. But aim for victory, beat your record, and challenge the races time and time again!

But horse racing isn't the only new addition to the series. Dragon Quest XI will also include a casino, the description of which can be found below.

Exchange G (gold) for coins and take on various games. You can exchange the coins you earn for wonderful prizes. Games pictured include the slot machine, poker, and roulette.

Our world is ended official site launched

An official site for Red Entertainment's upcoming title, Our World is Ended has launched today. The site contains new information on the story, the world, and characters. 

I've posted the story description below, but I have also put the site in the source link for those that want to check it out themselves. 

2017, summer. In the corner of Asakusa, there is a young game development company called “Judgement 7.”

A man called by the name hentai programmer, Sekai Owari inadvertently wrote out a demon program that augments reality…

The change started from that day.

The settings and characters thought up by Judgement 7 became reality, and a scenario in which the world is facing destruction began.

Judgement 7 is at the mercy of the, in a sense, “ended” world they themselves created. Their unfortunate, fierce battle begins now, without anyone knowing.