Raiders of the Broken Planet - Beta Updated

The beta for Raiders of the Broken Planet has received an update, the details of which you can read here:

Hanging by a thread:

  • Changes in the Antagonist respawn points.
  • Less waiting time without gameplay.
  • We have adjusted down the difficulty in matches with an Antagonist.
  • Elite assault enemies’ grapple tells are much more visible now.
  • Turrets bug is fixed.

In Shock:

  • Players have more time to stop Shae’s electrocution in matches without an Antagonist.
  • Kuzmann’s life is increased in matches with an Antagonist.

Weapons changes:

  • Weapon changes to: Ogon Shtorm BV, Hornet HH3 (Konstantin), Smoking Daisy (Alicia) and Spinning Coin (Lycus).
  • The rest of the weapons have been further balanced based on community feedback.

General changes:

  • Enemy AI has been improved, now they are much smarter about their position and use of cover.
  • Respawn bug is fixed.
  • Grapple bug is fixed.
  • Communicator sounds bugs fixed.

Playstation 4 software update 4.71 out now

A new software update is now available for the Playstation 4 that comes in at about 324 MB. You can read the update notes below:

  • This system software update improves the quality of the system performance.

Yup, more stability. But I guess that is better than nothing, right?

Future Trunks coming to Dragon Ball Fighter Z

The latest issue of Shonen Jump has revealed a new playable character for Dragon Ball Fighter Z; Trunks!

No other details were revealed, but I'll be sure to update if we hear anything else. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake - Play Arts Kai Cloud Figure Available for Pre-order

This figure will set you back $150 and release at the end of August this year. Pre-order yours at the source link below!