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Lgndary Thoughts - My Terrible Avatar Experience

Just a few minutes ago I was browsing the Playstation Store on my computer and came across a new avatar that I wanted. After that, everything went downhill.

After I purchased said avatar, I logged on to my PS4 to change it. Only to find out that I can’t change my avatar to a premium avatar on the PS4 itself. Okay then, I’ll log into my Vita and change it there. Nope, same story. You can change the avatar on the Vita, but only to the stock ones already available. 

It turns out that the only way to switch to a premium avatar, is through a PS3. So I dig my PS3 out the box I had been storing it in, and hook it up. Well, I have to update it first, as usual. And after the system updated, I had to update the Playstation Store. All so I could change my avatar.

This is insane. It should not take me over an hour to do something so simple. And what about the people that don’t have PS3s? They can’t ever change their avatar, something that people pay for! Sony does a lot of things right, especially with the PS4. But this is absurd, needless to say I’ll be sending an email. It won’t do anything on its own, but maybe if other people have the same problem Sony might actually getting around to fixing this mess.

New Bloodborne boss revealed

I placed the images after the break to avoid spoiling anyone

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FFXIV Fan kit updated

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Blaze Lost: Memories coming to NA digitally and physically


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