Lgndary Thoughts - Sunset Over-Playstation

For the first time in a very long time, Insomniac will be releasing a game that will not be on Playstation systems. This may come as a surprise to some because Insomniac has been Playstation exclusive for a very long time now. I think it’s a shame they went with Microsoft for Sunset Overdrive. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

So for those that don’t know, Insomniac put Sunset Overdrive on the Xbox One because Microsoft agreed to publish it without taking ownership of the IP. See, in the video game business, when a publisher agrees to publish a game, they usually take ownership of that franchise meaning they can make decision for the franchise. That is why Ratchet and Clank can only ever be on Playstation systems even though Sony doesn't own Insomniac. In the case of Sunset Overdrive, however, Microsoft agreed to publish it without taking ownership. Which is why Insomniac went with them. 

For starters I will say that I’m curious as to why Insomniac didn’t go their usual route and just let Sony own the IP. I know as a creator myself, that it is just nice to own what you make. But I would think that since things have (at least appeared to have) gone well for Ratchet and Clank, Insomniac would be comfortable doing the same thing for Overdrive. I find it unfortunate that this isn't the case. 

On the bright side though, because Microsoft doesn't own the IP, there is a perfectly good chance that we will see the game on Playstation systems one day. Either way, as a fan of Insomniac, I hope the launch goes well for them. They certainly deserve it too.

FFXIV London Fan Fest Stream Details

One-time fee of $20

HD resolution

The opening keynote by Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida

The concert performed by The Primals formed by Masayoshi Soken and other members to play the rock arrangement of the scores from the game.

The closing ceremony event

A code for the Moogle Attire bonus in-game item (Once redeemed, the items will be delivered via the in-game moogle delivery service on 21st December 2014)

Exclusive Twitch emotes

Access to the archived footage until 31st March 2015

Hosted on the official London Fan Festival Twitch channel


Simply visit the Premium live stream channel and click on the “Subscribe” button to purchase it. Twitch accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. Once you have completed your purchase, Twitch will send a message to your Twitch message folder with information on redeeming the Moogle Attire bonus code.

Moogle Attire bonus codes may be redeemed immediately on the Mog Station (http://sqex.to/Msp) however the item will not be delivered in-game via the moogle delivery service until the conclusion of the Tokyo Fan Festival on December 21, 2014.

* Please note: You will require a Twitch account to purchase the live stream.

We are also offering a standard live stream! The standard live stream will be available free of charge, but will not feature all of the content that the Premium live stream does.

Gamerescape Interview with Naoki Yoshida

Coming from the interview:

GE: Any future plans for gardening?  Gardening pots in private chambers?

Y: Gardening requires a lot of saved data- which needs to be allocated properly.  With housing, for example, we have a limit of 200 items per house – and that is the same issue.  Looking at FFXIV, per player data is pretty big, so we need to consider how to allocate saved data on a per player basis.  Making the actual pots is not too difficult, but we need to consider how to allocate the resources.  If we were to consider it, maybe in Heavensward, but not sure.  At the start of 3.0, we will expand on how much player data can be stored, so I am sure the various game teams will compete for who’s game elements can take advantage of that.

Gamespot - Legend of Korra Review

How depressing, then, that everything else about the game is considerably less than serviceable. It's no longer true that licensed games must automatically be destined for a digital landfill: too many worthy adventures have proven this needn't be the case. The Legend of Korra harks back to the days of branded hogwash, when the most we could hope for was functional gameplay and total disregard for the source material. Korra looks the part on the most superficial level, but possesses not one ounce of the flair and depth that characterize the television series. To say that the game delivers a bare minimum of story is to oversell the tale, which can be summarized thusly: "There's an evil old man doing evil, old-man things." Korra interacts with almost no one, and most line readings are from Korra's own internal monologue, spoken aloud so that the game might have a semblance of a plot. I knew the story was hopeless the moment Korra bemoaned how much damage her battle with Unavaatu had done to Republic City, even as I was blasting apart parked vehicles for the precious currency orbs I earned for doing so. Such irony, such narrative dissonance.

The full review can be found at the source link.

Playstation Store update is live!


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