New Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Scan

Unfortunately, this scan also brings the news that the title has been delayed. The new Japanese release date is February 4th, and I'll be sure to update when we hear news about other regions. 

Rocket League DLC details coming later today

Lgndary Thoughts - Red Ashes

About a month ago, Keiji Inafune launched a Kickstarter campaign for “Red Ash”. And while it is not his first Kickstarter campaign, it will be his first to fail. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts.

Red Ash is currently sitting at about $480,000 of a $800,000 goal, and with 4 days left it seems unlikely that it will meet the funding goal. So what went wrong? Honestly, I feel that several mistakes were made. The first of which being that the Kickstarter launched before Mighty No. 9 even released. Inafune made clear that the development teams were separate, but a lot of people found that hard to believe. 

Another problem, one that I think could have been the biggest, is the way they launched the Kickstarter. When the Mighty No. 9 campaign started it was a really big deal. It was Inafune’s first game since leaving Capcom, and it was basically a Mega Man clone. This alone was enough for fans to fund the game and then some. If Inafune had started promoting the game before the kickstarter launched, Similar to what Playtonic did with Yooka-Laylee, more people would have been aware of the game, and more donations could have been made.

Other issues include not having a console version at the start, and perhaps not making it clear that Red Ash was intended to be a Mega Man Legends clone. I hate to say it, but I think Inafune may have gotten too cocky after the success of Mighty No. 9. If more planning had been done, perhaps they would have a successful Kickstart campaign. It’s a shame because I really liked the idea of Red Ash, and would have loved to play it. Hopefully they have learned a lot from this experience, and can come back in a few months to try again.

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