Lgndary Thoughts - Mortal Delay

In yesterday’s Lgndary Thought, I touched on how some companies try to “delay” news, and hope people forget about it by the time they make an announcement. It looks like this exact thing is happening with yet another game. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

For those that haven't yet read the thought from yesterday; I briefly talked about companies easing fans into bad news. Blizzard just recently did this with World of Warcraft. In the latest expansion, flying was not available in the new areas, something that Blizzard said would come in a later patch. Instead of releasing said patch, they announced that flying would not be added in a patch, and that future expansions would not support flying either. 

I find tactics such as this awful, and I am starting to suspect that Warner Bros. is doing the same thing with Mortal Kombat on PS3. When Mortal Kombat X released for PS4 in April, Warner announced that the PS3 version had been delayed to June. But now that June is almost here, it seems as if the PS3 version has yet again been delayed, this time to Fall. 

Obviously I don’t know for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if the PS3 version never came out. It’s a shame that publishers feel the need to lie about their intentions. They might receive some blowback when a version is cancelled, but I think people will be far more upset if they have been lead along for awhile before the game is cancelled. I do hope I am wrong though, and Mortal Kombat X releases later this year for PS3 users to enjoy. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

IGN - Destiny: House of Wolves review

A portion of their review:

House of Wolves wisely eliminates the worst parts of The Dark Below by offering a faster method to level gear, a better campaign, and varied endgame activities, assuming you have a regular crew to partake of them with. If you don’t, expect to get a lot less out of this expansion, but overall, it’s still a step in the right direction for Destiny.

Persona 4: Dancing all night to receive collectors edition in America

The collectors edition includes:

Two Discs Chock Full of Persona 4 Music Remixes: Hear the Persona 4: Dancing All Night soundtrack in all its glory! The two-disc CD set is full of original classics including “Pursuing My True Self,” and “Shadow World,”new song arrangements including “Heartbeat, Heartbreak” and “Your Affection,” remixes by artists including Lotus Juice, TK and Yuu Miyake, and completely new songs specifically composed for P4D!

Last Night a Vita Pouch Saved My Life: Protect your PS Vita in this custom P4D enameled pouch with a full color P4D design featuring Teddie in all his Elvis-esque jumpsuit glory on one side, and an embossed version of the P4D logo on the reverse. Not for sale in North America, the “Disco Fever” edition is the only way to get the exquisitely detailed pouch.

Costume Change: Two sets of paid DLC outfits will come with the “Disco Fever” Edition for free – Persona 3‘s Gekkoukan High School uniform set, and the summer break outfit set- to dress up Chie, Kanji, Rise, Naoto, and the rest of the human (sorry, Teddie) Investigation Team! The song “Never More” is also included as a bonus playable song.

All About that Bear: Never lose your keys or whatever else again with a golden Teddie keychain. Exclusive to North America, the gold (not real gold, of course) keychain comes embossed in the visage of all of Teddie’s gloriousness, based on the belt buckle design on his P4D jumpsuit!

The Whole Package: All the items will come in a large collectible box with custom disco ball art (based on the Japanese Crazy Value Pack version of P4D.)

Deep Silver Trademarks Bloodstained

I would assume this means that Deep Silver is the publisher of the title, as well as the owner. Makes sense especially considering Deep Silver is also publishing Mighty No. 9.