Lgndary Thoughts - Microcraft?

Now that TGS is over, I can finally talk about an issue that I have been meaning to get to for the past couple of weeks. The purchase of Mojang by Microsoft. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

So just to be clear, I have never played Minecraft, well, thats not entirely true. I played to demo on PS4 last week. I thought it was interesting sure, and I very well may purchase it eventually, but I think I might be more of a Terraria guy. Anyways, when I think of this buyout I don't really feel anything because of my lack of love for the game, so it's hard for me to give a emotional opinion about the buyout, so I won't. 

As far as what Microsoft thinks they are doing, I have no idea. The only thing I can imagine is that they want to make a Minecraft 2 (what would that even look like?) and put it exclusively on Xbox, or windows. Do I think it's a smart business move? No I don't, but I'm also not a businessman, or whatever those people call themselves. I feel that everyone that was going to buy Minecraft, has bought Minecraft. It's really hard to imagine that there are hundreds of millions of dollars of purchases that will make up for Microsoft's investment. Whatever Microsoft decides to do with the game, I can't imagine it will have anything to do Playstation. I think it was nice of them to continue to support the PS versions of Minecraft, but that won't last. I'm sure this is disappointing to a lot of people, I know if Microsoft bought a series I loved, I would be terrified. 

So what do you think the future of Minecraft will look like, and how long do you think Playstation will be apart of that future? Let me know in the comments!

Trials Fusion 3.5 Patch Log

Track Central

Support for pages in Track Central, this allows for more than 52 tracks in a feed.

Redlynx Picks feed has been removed and the Track Central layout has been altered. Newest Beginner feed has been added.

Sorting search results no longer results in missing tracks.

Fixed an issue with the user retaining gamepad input while selecting to add a track to Favorites.

Fixed an issue where if two tracks are favorited simultaneously, then one would be downloaded and the other marked as favorite.

Fixed an issue where players could not select a track after playing a track in the search page.

Fixed an issue with track hint missing when playing the first track in a feed.

Fixed an issue with “…” being displayed if the user refreshes the search too quickly.

Fixed an issue where players could not view the last page of search results.

Fixed an issue where selecting sort options result in no tracks being displayed.

Fixed an issue that prevented Uplay Recommended tracks from downloading.


Branching driving lines have been added.

Fixed an error where rapidly using the undo/redo commands in the editor would cause the game to hang.

Fixed messaging when a track using DLC items is loaded without having the required DLC installed.

Extra Buttons setting now works while testing a track in the editor.

Complexity limit for next-gen platforms and PC has been tested and raised accordingly.

Fixed an issue where the game would return to the Ride menu if a storage device is removed during ‘Test Track’.

Fixed medal placement in Left/Right display showing the wrong medal arrangement in ‘Sorting Order Descending’.

Fixed a crash when users press the screenshot confirmation button in fast succession.

Rusted Seed buildings should no longer cause a crash when exiting after saving.

Debug info no longer displayed for tags when sharing a track.

Debug info is no longer displayed when entering the pause menu while testing a track with extra buttons enabled.

Fixed an issue causing a crash when loading a saved Favorite that included a checkpoint.


Fixed an issue where Mind the Gap in the Welcome to the City tournament would cause a crash.

Fixed an issue where no Connection Lost dialog would appear if connection to Online was lost during the final track in a tournament.

Fixed an issue where disconnecting a USB drive in Track Info pages would not allow the user to transition back to the main hub.


Fixed an issue where playing Jungle Gymkhana after 30 minutes of playing would cause a crash.

Fixed an issue where finishing Cold Storage resulted in a crash.

Fixed an ‘Infinite Loading Screen’ when a user disconnects the active storage device while a replay is loading.

Fixed an unnecessary menu being displayed when the player loses online connection while in the RIDER or BIKES sections of the garage.

Fixed an issue with ‘Rocky Road’ in Skill Showcase causing a crash.

Total track restarts no longer rise when watching replays of a completed track.

Fixed an issue in ‘Airtime’ where the Record Beat message is not displayed when beating a friend’s record.

Fixed an issue with the same tracks being displayed when the player moves down a row in the track selection screen.

Local Multiplayer

Fixed button prompt for Favorites and My Tracks tabs when tracks are not added.

Fixed some issues that could freeze the game when using user generated Supercross tracks

Fixed an issue where the application can crash when a controller is disconnected.

Heat results now appear when finishing ‘Resort Rush’ and ‘Seaside Derby’.


In game notifications should be received faster.

Notification times should be correct.

Fixed an issue where the player would be returned to the title screen after confirmation of Additional Content confirmation.

Track messages now appear after online disconnect and reconnect.

Fixed an issue where a black screen would appear when disconnecting a Storage Device while in the bike selection screen.

Fixed an issue where users could not activate notifications from Local MP.

Fixed an issue where two results screens were shown during upsell screen in Trials mode.

Fixed an issue with tournament notifications not appearing after reboot.

Fixed an issue with Track and Level Up messages from friends not being received.

Notification for tracks shared by friends is now working.

Team Notifications are now visible in the Notification Center.

Fixed an issue with Notifications not being received under certain conditions.


Fixed a texture issue on ‘Eden’ from Empire of the Sky.

Fixed an issue where CMAA resulted in a pixelated top bar during gameplay.


Restarting a track should not replay the voiceovers.

Fixed an issue causing bike sounds to be audible when sound is set to 0 or accessing the in game menu.


Fixed an error that could cause replay data to show as incomplete depending on where the replay was accessed from (leaderboard, friends leaderboard, finish screen…).

Fixed an issue where the player is not redirected to the Xbox Marketplace when trying to purchase a Season Pass and the store is unavailable.

Fixed an issue with audio stuttering when launching the game on a secondary PSN account.

Fixed an issue with random crashes when the game has been running for longer than 30 minutes.

Fixed an issue that caused crashing when entering Track Central.

Fixed thumbnails and info for tracks being displayed while viewing ‘Recent’ from the Ride menu.

Fixed an issue where ‘Coming Soon’ is displayed for installed DLC.

Fixed infinite loading when accessing additional content in main menu and accessing not installed DLC options from the career menu.

Online Multiplayer will be free this weekend on PS4


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