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Ubisoft has been under some pretty harsh, but very much deserved, scrutiny lately. With all of the bad, lets take a moment and recognize something they did that was good. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

The act of good that I am referencing is Child of Light, an RPG that Ubisoft published earlier this year. It is a game that is so full of charm and character that it is hard not to love it. For the most part, I believe Ubisoft publishes games of the opposite nature. Games that are dull, boring, and common. That is why Child of Light shines (pun intended) in comparison. Ubisoft took a risk with this game, and it looks like it paid off. Yesterday news broke that Child of Light had turned a profit, enough to even warrant a sequel. I find this news very exciting, and I hope that it not only results in another game in the series, but also give Ubisoft a little more courage when it comes to taking chances.

What is something that you would like to see come out of this? Child of Light 2? Maybe a completely different game, but in the same style? Let me know in the comments what you think!

Guilty Gear Xrd Demo now available on PS Store

The download page can be found at the source link!

David Jaffe's New Game will not be Horror

PS Store Co-op Sale

Check out the source link for the full list of games on sale.

Assassin's Creed: Unity Patch notes

Stability & Performance

Fixed numerous random crashes for both on Campaign and Co-op

(90+ various low reproduced crashes)

​Fixed specific framerate drops

Improved general Framerate on PS4 by lowering the priority of the online services thread

Fixed FPS drops while Arno climbs on the RHP building of Palais de Justice

Fixed FPS drops when in climbing and pressing the Left Stick towards somewhere that is not climbable in certain areas

Fixed FPS drops in Sainte Chapelle

Gameplay (navigation, fight, stealth)

Fixed navigation issues where the player gets stuck. Specific fixed instances of this are listed below:

[Invalides] Arno will get stuck and fall under the map when he uses free run down button on the stone handrail type

[Mission: Occupied Paris] Arno can fall through a certain zeppelin and remain stuck after performing a jumping action from the top of the zeppelin.

[Palais De Justice] Arno can remain stuck when climbing part of the roof on Palais De Justice during free roam

[Saint-Louis] Arno remains stuck while trying to pass over a table

[Cité]Arno can remain stuck while trying to collect nomad point from Notre-Dame

[Porte-Saint-Denis]Arno remains stuck after falling between 2 props

[Temple] Arno can remain stuck inside a building corner at the Temple by using controlled descent

[Mission :POLITICAL PERSECUTION] Arno remains stuck near a wall located on the rooftop

[Mission: OCCUPIED PARIS] Arno remains stuck in a certain pile of wooden crates after performing a climbing action

[Cité] Arno can remain stuck after performing a slide on a building near Notre Dame

[Cité]Arno gets stuck on the chair while trying to climb the building

[Les Invalides] Arno remains stuck in the wall while using controlled descend after performing the Invalides RHP

Fixed haystack issues where the player can stay stuck in it. Specific fixed instances of this are listed below:

[Saint-Louis] Arno is stuck in the haystack near the bridge near the Assassin HQ.

[Mission: HEADS WILL ROLL] Arno remains stuck if they hide in the haystack that is located in the area with "Kill the Templars 0/3" objective.

[Les Invalides] Arno gets stuck and is unable to exit the indicated haystack cart

[Cité] Arno remains stuck in a haystack near the Notre Dame

I have never seen a patch list so long. If your game has this many problems, then it should not have been released in the first place. Click on the title to see the full list.

Click here to read the rest of the story...

Destructoid - Geometry Wars 3 Review

A portion of their review:

For a game that's all about iteration, it's somewhat surprising that Dimensions includes a throw-back to its roots. Under a heading called "Classic Mode," the majority of Retro Evolved 2 is present in the format that fans will recognize it in. No 3D grids, no supers or drones -- just the gameplay from 2008 that was so popular. There are also local cooperative and online competitive multiplayer modes to round out all that Adventure has to offer.


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