Retro City Rampage DX now available on PSP

PS4 Retail version also getting a reprint

Coming from the developer:

Surprise! Retro City Rampage: DX is out now for PSP, and it's FREE for all PS4, PS3 & PS Vita owners! This makes it a momentous 4X Cross Buy !

Surprise, again!  Due to the overwhelming requests, the PS4 retail version is being re-released, with brand new cover and disc art! The first 3,000 copies of this new version are individually numbered, and include a PSP manual and retail display set, commemorating the new PSP version.

Another Sonic game announced for the PS4

Looks like Sonic Generations 2 to me!

Nier - "Kainé (Absolution)" OC ReMix

Love this one. Just a hint of electro-sassiness with some haunting vocals that remind me of Ico. Head over to the source link below to grab your copy!

Final Fantasy XIV X Yo-kai Watch Event Detailed

The previously announced Yo-kai Watch crossover is finally coming to Final Fantasy XIV! From July 26th to October 3rd, players will be able to earn in game weapons and minions based off of the popular Level 5 game Yo-kai Watch.

The crossover itself is a result of Final Fantasy XIV's Director and Level 5's CEO being friends, and having come up with the idea over drinks. 

For in-game details, like where to start the crossover quest, hit up the source link below!